Reduce churn with a better cancellation flow

Understand why your customers are leaving and save up to 20% of customers before they cancel.
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1. Personalize
1. Personalize your cancel flow
2. Retain
2. Retain customers
3. Analyze
3. Analyze churn

What if you decreased churn by 20%?

Current MRR
Churn Rate
% / mo
New Revenue
$ / mo
Over 3 years, by reducing your churn from 8.00 to 6.40 (20% reduction), you could earn more every month :
Or about $0 in total over 3 years

Personalize your cancellation experience

Build a branded & personalized customer cancellation flow to ask questions relevant to your product. Easily make changes without engineering resources.
Easy to build
Use templates to get started. Add new blocks, questions and reorganize your content with drag & drop.
Variables & Jumps
Create personalized question paths with logic jumps & variables to collect more specific feedback.

Retain customers with a high performing cancel experience

Many customers will churn for reasons that could easily be prevented. Save customers by presenting them with a solution adapted specifically to their problem.
Engage customers
Embed apps such as chatbots or booking calendars to create a communication with your customers.
Retention offers
Make offers such as giving a free month, a discount or scheduling a call to save customers.

Insights & Analytics

Identify the reasons why customers are leaving and take the right actions to prevent future customer churn.
Filter & organize your data to turn customer feedback into valuable insights.
Identify at-risk customers
Track customers who have shown an intention to cancel.

Apps & Integrations integrates with the applications you already use to automate actions or engage customers.
Webhooks & Zapier
Receive notifications, send emails, apply discounts, enrich your CRM or Analytics platform with customer feedback, etc.
Widgets & Embeds
Embed iframe apps in your survey (Calendar, Feature tracker) or use widgets such as Intercom or Drift.

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